No Sulking

A difficult task made easy for keeping a sissy in line. Princess Britany explains because you, sissy, need to listen. I know you are a prima donna, you need lots of attention, and you sulk often because being a boy sucks. A Mistress is here to keep you in line and optimistic. If you sulk, you are a drag. Get it?

Keeping A Sissy In Line: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

You Were Meant To Be A Girl

This photo just posted makes everyone smile and perk up. I am proud of my awesome body. I know you are smiling now. Let’s get started with your important lessons.Sissies need discipline and close attention. They are detail oriented and often get out of line quickly. We know why. They once were men, but not real men. In the back of their brain they know deep down, they were meant to be girls.

Being A Sissy Is Not to Be Hated

Most likely plenty of lingerie was included in their early experimentation. The feel of silky fabric in pastel colors especially. Hand washing becomes second nature because accidents happen and the garment must be washed quickly. Discovering you are a sissy is not desired in the least. You were confused and not sure you could handle it. My job is to change you into a girl…or gurl and happy that you are.

Keeping A Sissy In Line

A good thing to do if you can, is to find a Mistress who enjoys training sissies. This is the only way I know of how to keep a sissy in line. Imagine one day waking up and saying “I am a sissy” What now? You can go to forums for support, you can go to you tube, and you can find a Mistress who will train you.

Training Topics

What can I do to help with training? Help you shop online and suggest clothes that fit your style. Tips on makeup, breast enhancement, making sure you do assignments with shopping receipts. Discipline and sissy humiliation? Some like this and some do not, mostly my bois do. My looks bring to mind a bitch goddess diva. I’ll get into this now.

Keeping A Sissy In Line: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Getting Humiliated

What is sissy humiliation? This is one way of keeping sissy in line. Reminding you always that you will never be as good as me because I am a real girl. Laughing at you trying, and ordering you to suck cock if you are so inclined to be a sissy fag. Lesbian sissies need less humiliation and more enforcement. A Mistress will be strict, dominant, and demanding without a thought. She will not waver and become the opposite.

What To Expect

Strict: she will make note of every detail in training, everything must be perfect. You will get away with nothing. Dominant: she is always your superior and demonstrates it at every moment. She is your Mistress, Princess. Demanding: with every trainer, the best trainers will demand for the best because this reflects on her training of you! Are you ready for a demanding dominant, and strict Princess? Call me for training.

Princess Britany