Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Big Breasts For Sissy

I just got off of a deliciously delightful sissy humiliation call. A sissy who loves “J cup” breasts and whose name is Chrissy begs to have “K cup” breast forms. What do I name her then? Krissy Kupcakes of course!

Krissy Kupckes And Her K Kups

The scenario is krissy kupcakes is dressed in the most ridiculous pink satin kiddy dress with a high necked lacy little collar. She has cutesy little pink Mary Jane shoes with cutesy pink lacy ankle socks. Now for those big ole titties. An enormous bra in pink filled with bags of bird seed cuz there are no breast forms big enough! Imagine this under that little prim sissy dress?

The Right Hair And Makeup

Now for her makeup and hair. She needs hair exactly like Princess except in long pig tails and pink ribbons. Krissy Kupcakes wears bright pink lipstick and three layers of fluttery fake eyelashes. Oh yes of course her nails are done in pink press ons.

Tied,Denied, And Bukkake’d

A little bondage for sissy? Of course! She is tied down to a bed with pink rope as two she males come in to fuck her little lipsticked mouth, and pussy of course. Meanwhile Princess “sharpens up” her big strapon dildo for a little domination action. You must know now that bukkake is in order with these two she male dominators. One will cum on krissie’s face for some cum eating fun.

Ceiling Orgasm

How does krissy kupcakes survive such a wet ordeal? With great zeal, and an orgasm at the end of the call that hit the ceiling. I so love it!

Princess Britany