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A Cure For Small Cockitis

Everyone seemed to love my dystopian post on small penis boys of the future. I thought we may need a cure for it. The Mistresses who commented were right. The Princesses will not tolerate a race of small-cocked men!

A Big Cock Gene

Back in the boardroom it was unanimous. The  process must be reversed so the Princesses could have large penises for entertainment and satisfaction. The Geneticist Princesses went to work immediately. They would create a super gene to inject it into several nerds. They were kept under observation for months, and the result was incredible.

Cuckoldry The Answer

Suddenly their vision improved, their buck teeth receded, and their bodies grew muscular and strong. This meant the human race would be saved! Their penises were no smaller than 10″, and their balls were about the size of grapefruit. There was one problem, however. Their brains seemed to shrink and their intelligence diminished. It was decided that they will have a use for awhile until more research was done to bring them up to real man standards. It was decided they would be bulls. The nerds would be cuckolds since they were dickless and submissive. Nerds were sent out to work in high positions of science and industry. The bulls were there as dominant cuckolders. The nerds would be taught to be cum eaters and fluff boys. They would do everything a cuckold may do, sissification included.

It was discussed by the Princesses that the intelligence of the nerds may be a detriment. What if they banded together in a high-tech revolution?

To be continued…..


Princess Britany