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Sissy Behave!

Sissies posting in comments I love, but questions like “do you let sissies get off in the dressing room” of a store” ? No I don’t and I don’t condone rudely leaving a load on the floor for some maintenance person to clean up. Maybe if you eat your cum as you should would be a consideration. Also sales people really don’t want to talk to a Mistress. So get a reality check and understand that it’s not a part of a salesperson’s job. It’s your fantasy.

New Stroker Boy

I have this new boy darin who bought me the prettiest dress from my wish list. I love boys who beg to cum and offer to buy me a gift if I say yes. He is lucky as sometimes it does not work and I say thanks for the gift but still leave them in orgasm denial. LOL…poor boys, this was not the case. I think he was grateful.

J-Boy Rides Again

My favorite boy called the other day, J-boy who stokes so well for me after I order a workout with butt plug in place. Imagine being naked, doing pullups with a butt plug in your little a-hole? He did a total of seventy pullups! Then of course he is allowed to stroke to an edge. Eventually before the call ends, he strokes and cums for me. He then eats his cum per my demand and very politely thanks me for the call. Such class, J-boy! The Princess appreciates you!


This is the last day for a pass the penis session. Gear up and call!

Princess Britany