Leg Worship is Hard Work

Leg worship demands a whole lot of attention. In the realm of body worship, the attention is only part of the cost. Leg love requires boots, shoes, stockings, foot massage, leg massage, and maybe a little leg humping, if Princess allows. Let’s get to the basics. Exactly what does a leg worship slave do? What are his duties?

Leg Worship At A Cost: Princess Britany 1-800-356- 6169

The Whole Body Demands

Don’t imagine the rest of the body detached. The feet, the ass and the whole body are worshipped on demand. You are the one with the leg fetish, so this fetish will be given as a gift when Princess so decides. Often I hear of legs being massaged and licked for reward, if there are enough shoes in the closet, slave may even be allowed to rub the tip of his cock on a part of the leg. Slave may be allowed to stroke for Princess on his knees, but never cum on her legs or feet unless Princess decides he will be allowed to eat the cum off of her feet. These times are special and not allowed regularly.

Leg Worship Massage

On the days when Princess demands, a full body massage is ordered. Slave in no way will touch the Princess perfect Brazilian waxed pussy. He is allowed to bury his head between her cheeks, he may massage but not kiss her perfect breasts, and he will give a complete reflexology massage on the soles of her feet. In the end, he will either be cock-locked or allowed release. He could be in orgasm denial without a cage and watched like a hawk.

The Shopping Day

Slave has a shopping day where he and the Princess go shoe shopping. He is humiliated in public as he puts the shoe on her foot and is told what a foot boy he is. They shop for panty hose and boots. He pays for all and cares for all. This is his work and life. He has no other duties besides Princess.


Princess Britany