The Lil Peni Epidemic

Small cocks are an epidemic! Lil peni, tiny peen, teeny tiny little weenie. I had a date with a hot sexy guy yesterday….two lil inches. Great expectations is now just a book to me. Imagine this a 6’2″ black man with a hot muscular body, hands that could circle my waist, Bad boy dreads down his back, and super sexy full lips that I imagined wrapped around a big rasta dick. We were in my bungalow enjoying some Ja and I had the compulsion to grab his dick. I did and didn’t feel anything except a nub…..whaaaaat?

Lil Peni, Great Expectations:Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Big Boy Little Cock

Big boy turned lil peni and then he told me he loves wearing panties. He thought nothing of me grabbing his lil peni, and he totally thought it was ok to be with a princess who was expecting a big dick. So yeah! I know he’s made this way and it’s not his fault, but just imagine the role reversal of a guy who likes big tits and suddenly disappears after he discovers his date was all padding!

Let’s Be Friends

So at the end of it all, I took my hand away and went completely dry. We can be friends. Why not? Then the subject came up that he was submissive and is a panty wearing sissy. I definitely perked up. A Princess loves admirers, a Mistress loves a sweet boy coming to her door with gifts and Ja. A Princess loves being escorted to clubs with a good looking black boy wearing panties under his tight jeans. Best of all she can sissify him and have CFNM parties with a boy who can dance! I’m a little spoiled and in need of other fun besides a big dick…well…don’t I? Well……


Princess Britany