Little Dick Love Humiliation The Princess Way

Why else! H-U-M-I-L-I-A-T-I-O-N ! Little dick love is inspired by my Humiliation Boot Camp post about how essential little dicks are for Princess humiliation. Go check it out, there is a little audio attached guaranteed to make you hard. Small cocks are the sweetest boys sometimes. They are kind of like gay friends. You have good rapport but then that’s it. Like gay friends, many of them suck cock because that’s the closest thing they get to pussy. Male genitals are better than none. Small cocks need attention any way they can get.

Little Dick Love: Why Princess Loves Them: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

The Pink Lace Dressed Up Peewee

Small penises need to be dressed up in pink lace with a pink rubber band. You are ordered to snap the rubber band while saying “Princess Britany humiliates my peewee,” over and over again. What rubber band you say? The thick pink one of course, the one I searched for just for you, so appreciate it, anything I do for you! Also it amuses me to film this and send to my besties. You appreciate this because it is the best of small penis sissy humiliation. Small cocks are not owned by sissies only, but I do notice a correlation!

Double Dip Your Humiliation

I now post regularly on the group blogs, dishing out double helpings of humiliation for all. From sissy to cuckold, to hard domination, and sweet condescension. You get it from every direction. A Princess enjoys entertaining and being entertained. Little dick love makes the dickless feel happy and paid attention to. Doesn’t it?


Princess Britany