Little Dicks And Alpha Chicks

Unfortunately for them, little dicks never get close to the golden pussy. I have become an expert on small penis humiliation through my career in phone humiliation. A perfect addition to SPH is cuckolding the dickless. He will always be short, portly, and dickless. His wallet will be fat too. Owned by the golden princess, he knows his place on the short bus.

Limp Dicked Losers With Teenie Weenies

Little dicks dream of ecstatic orgasms between the legs of Britany. It is exactly what it is, a dream. When short bus tells her of his dream, a bitch slap is in order. Speaking of little limp loser dicks, someone special from my comments called for a session. The pin dick is viola…hahaha. I was delighted of course because the sissy faithfully comments without fail. Her protocol needs a bit of polishing because a subby slut should never address princess by calling her honey or the b-word. It makes the princess clit go limp. Due to viola’s ingenuous demeanor, I found her quite charming in a pathetic sort of way.
Little Dicks Love The Golden Princess: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Hi Viola! Are you Stroking As Usual? About 50 Times A Day Cuz You Can’t Get Pussy?

Viola has been dying to call me for a long time but did not have the balls, literally. Once she did, we had a great session focusing on small cock humiliation. Little dicks gravitate to me in hopes of being supremely dominated by a goddess. Little dicks and sissy tendencies fall together as in this case. Today’s musings are finished. I have to take a horsie out for a ride.

XOX Princess Britany the Golden Princess, named as such by another little cock in adoration of me.