Her Little Pink Sissy Pills

Sissy donna doesn’t want to take her little pink sissy pills because they make her feel funny. Her nipples get very sensitive and she gets weepy before “her” cycle which is really my cycle. I make her wear maxi pads with a dash of cranberry juice. I tell her if her doctor prescribes the little pink pills, she must take them without question.


Little Pink Sissy Pills: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Collared, Leashed, And Dragged Through The Mall By Femdom Sissy Trainer

One thing that did cheer her up though, is being collared and leashed and taken to the mall. The mall is her sanctuary where she can gaze at the girlie fashions on the mean girls walking by. Following them to see what store they prefer and the shoe stores with pink strappy sandals that they prefer.

The Humiliated Lesbian Sissy

Donna is not a sissy cocksucker at all. She likes to be humiliated by meanies that laugh in her face and coerce her to kiss their sandaled feet in front of the whole world. The thought of a cock makes her sick, but she is never allowed sex with meanies ever. Once in awhile she may receive a rough face sitting, but that’s all. An ordered jerk off session may be in order just because princess says.

Cumming In Her Panties As Always

She will cum in her panties because she lacks control and is laughed at hysterically. Her main role is to be the humiliated sissy whining and crying to the Femdoms who just simply bitch slap her for being so pathetic. Victoria’s Secret always makes her cum in her loser panties. The most exciting part of her day is to put on a fashion show for all the Femdoms in charge of her training.

Little Pink Sissy Pills: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

The Sissy Growing Breasts Rapidly

What happens later after her day at the mall with Femdom in charge, is going home to model her pretty lingerie and have a hot fudge sundae. She gets such cravings during this time of the month. She then puts on a girlie tear jerker movie and sobs away, poor little thing. The little pink sissy pills are there for her to take and lately she has noticed significant growth. Not in the dickie area but the breasts that are growing very quickly.

XOX Princess Britany