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A Pass Around Slave

Loads of fun without loads of cum. That’s andyslave a pass around boy owned by Mistress Lilly. He is a blue balled Skype slave with CBT toys, cockrings, a spiked chastity cage, and soon to be electroed in a CBT sack.

Never To Cum

Headmistress Lilly is away on vacation so she left we Mistresses in charge to take charge of this completely orgasm denied, never ever allowed to cum slave who strokes on the frustration of Viagra and Goddess worship.

Pass The Penis

Mistress Olivia is in charge of him this week and we shared a pass the penis session relaying him back and forth for fantasy role play putting him in blue ball heaven. I have never seen so much precum in my life, especially with talking about cuckold fantasies and permanent chastity. Playing with boys like this revs me up and excites me to no end. It’s feast or famine. He gets edge upon edge or he gets no stroking at all. With our last call, he was not allowed to stroke, only allowed to put his index finger on the tip of his cock to gather up precum and eat. Poor poor blue balled andyslave! I will be enjoying a a call with him tomorrow afternoon and I will not disclose what he is in store for except for one thing: absolutely no cumming, 100% complete orgasm denial. Bring all your toys, boy!


Princess Britany