Princess Britany's ticked off look

Loser pissed me off yesterday so no one gets audios because of him. he tops from the bottom by giving tribute when he wants to give tribute, not when Princess demands!! Buttttttttttt…..shrimp dick , the short fat, bald loser followed through. When a beatch says they want to trib me and I send them back to dispatch, I expect them to tribute me and call back immediately because I put the dispatcher on notice. shrimp dick did as demanded and added more on top of it! Now that is a good beatch! shrimp dick frequents strip clubs but has been put in denial of that by Mistress Cassandra. Ms C told shrimp dick he can go to the glory holes but not strip clubs. This way the beatch will keep it all in the family! Thank you Ms C!

Tease tease, such a cock tease…I have the scripts written out , both. One for the sissy baby, and one for bribri. Before you know it , gurls. Oh, and dont hesitate to go to my wishlist which I should so update?

Tomorrow is Jason night, but late. He gets out of work at 10 so I’ll be on before Mr big dick to drive you crazy!

I’ll be adding a pre call form to the nav bar on top in a few days. The Princess would like interested beatches …ummm..the ones who want a call??? to fill one out and send .

Princess Britany