Suck My Toes!

It’s back to feet again. Something a foot fetishist never gets tired of! I suppose this captioned picture of me by alice wonder gets you hot and wishing.  You wish you could be the boy on his knees being tested by my bitch princess attitude. Look again and imagine these awesome size eights coming head on right into your face. The soles press into your face, the big toes into your nose, and the right foot slaps your face. Then foot boy gets a foot in his mouth going in and out like a dick…sweet! Isn’t it?

Worship My Body!

It’s pretty obvious foot fetishism is high on my list. It’s a long road from my 5’11” head to foot. If you are totally lucky, you get to worship my whole body. You get to lie on your back for the full treatment of a juicy little face sitting. If you are a cuckold, you get a little extra, don’t you? Hmmmm? Cream pie? If you are extra lucky you get to lick my beautiful ass!

Worship My Ass

Worship My Ass

A Dutiful Boy Gets Rewarded

There is an ass for ass worship for you. Get to work! I’m inspired to write this post because my ass had a good licking last weekend by Zane. He has finally won the right to lick my perfect ass for jobs well done. What he did was organized most of my new apartment. Shelves were put up and arranged, dishes were organized and rewashed, my big iron bed frame was assembled, and all of my books were in perfect alphabetical order!


Princess Britany