Mall sissy or, more likely, sissies on a Saturday afternoon, sitting at the pavilion having a pink smoothie and looking at her shopping list. What does she need today except to strut and be noticed in her girlie wear. Here I come, Princess Britany. The hot girl you always wanted to be, and I’m here to show you how!

Mall Sissy Saturday, Let's Go! Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

What does the mall sissy need the most today; stockings, new shoes, lingerie, breast forms, a man in the men’s bathroom? How would she like all of it? The thrill of shopping and pulling out that credit card with a Mistress. As her panty boi friend joins us, the excitement grows. Mistress struts, tall, confident and between two sissies who walk behind with heads bowed. How humiliating it must be to be a sissy! Mistress halts at the door of the lingerie store, and turns to walk in, sissies in tow.

Mall Sissy Saturday, Let's Go! Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Plenty of panties you have, sissies. Today we get sexy bedroom mules with pink feathers and little nighties to match. This is for entertaining the company you crave. After this we travel to the makeup counter for a complete makeover in party makeup with false eyelashes. After that to the adult book store to find your date. This is what I call a fun Saturday afternoon training gurls how to be a success at being a real girl.

The blushing little face of sissies gives away the fact they they are humiliated because Princess Britany will always be smarter, prettier, and sexier than they could ever be. She is after all, a real girl training boys who want to be girls!  They have to face facts. Being a sissy is never a choice. They are simply born that way!


Princess Britany