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Masturbation Endurance and My Watchful Eye

Masturbation Endurance Princess Style

Masturbation endurance on Skype is one of my very favorite stroking game phone fantasy calls. A few days ago a stroke pet arranged a session and off we went. The screen was crystal clear, and the cock was ready for a nice two hour endurance run. Stroker boy did a call the day before on a negotiated marathon orgasm session. Three copious orgasms were achieved, and the last one was a cum eating gratitude to Princess finale.  An online metronome was used for most of the call. Adjusting the tempo to control the cock to the highest possible tested endurance and created frustration, because after marathon orgasming, he was not allowed to cum.

Masturbation Endurance And My Watchful Eye Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Time for Edging

In the middle of masturbation endurance, globs of pre cum were consumed and used as lubricant. Edging went into the twenties, and sweat poured off of stroker boy’s forehead. I had no intention of letting him cum, especially since he had plenty the day before. This is a regular boy with a lovely large dick, and no sissy. Panty boi pleasure is never discussed.

Poor Spent Wiener

Rounding up to the end of the call, it became obvious cock teasing was soon to end because that rock hard cock started to get softer and softer. Poor spent wiener…ok then, but he was not dismissed immediately. I insisted he finish his time and bathe in the humiliation to come, and not cum. Finally he let out one big glob from a limp dick and announced in a very respectful way, that his dick was completely spent and used up. Very well I said. I think it may be a good time to put the chastity cage on for two weeks and take it from there!


Princess Britany


10 comments to Masturbation Endurance and My Watchful Eye

  • Petey cream puff

    Is Skype easy to install? If so this will be game changer in doing calls. You can see me dressed up and get me off/control my masturbation/become your cream puff girl. It’s tome to start calling more and have ldw step up my feminization.

  • Cam on Skype is also a very favorite. It also leaves a good option for callers overseas which means more boys to play with. Don’t you love it when their cocks get soft from overuse Princess Britany? Finishing the boy off with a ruined orgasm makes them feel spent without that full orgasm. Punishment or fetish!

  • Britany

    Thank you Ms C and yes on all counts!

  • Britany

    Yes! Even a sissy can install it! I would love to see you dressed and ready. there is always the possibility to have multi Mistresses on Skype watching you! I know you like that 🙂

  • VERY HOT, Ms. Britany! I love how you didn’t give up on the boy, even after his lovely cock got softer and softer. You knew he had ONE MORE BLOB, didn’t you? And you made sure he gave it up for his beautiful Mistress! 🙂

  • Britany

    BLOB yes, Is that the best you got? I asked him 🙂

  • Miss Britany, that is a record for sure! I think your stroker boy really deserves a medal for all that. I think the most I have ever gotten from a marathon was one hour. The metronome is a wonderful idea too. Something about the ticking in the background creates more urgency.

  • Ms. Britany- that sounds like an amazingly fun time. Skype is so much better than the old messenger was, and it really does allow a good clear picture of the teasing and torment you can put a guy through. Sounds like he really enjoyed himself. I like using up those nice dicks, too, they can be so lovely to look at!

  • Britany

    It also makes little weiners look bigger doesn’t it Ms Stephanie?

  • Britany

    I love the free online program Ms Lena,

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