Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Types of Masturbation Humiliation

As I was on the subject of humiliation tease last post, we can’t forget boys on their knees with stiffies in hand, given directions from a diva as myself. This includes tease and denial, masturbation instructions, jerk off assignments, ruined orgasms, marathon orgasms, stroking mystery game (will she or wont she let me cum), and so many more depending on the boy. My favorite here is ruined orgasms because they require talent on both sides. The boy’s ability to stop just in time, and my ability to intuit the timing. Usually I can tell by the breath, but sometimes that split second just goes by. That’s disappointing. marathon orgasms are rarely achieved after the second one. Usually I try to get as many in the time allotted but 3 is a very hard one. I would love to challenge a boy to 4. Takers?

New Mantra For Fucktard

Fucktard called the other day saying that he calls me after I post a new pic he hasnt seen on this blog. Let’s see if he takes the bait. This humiliation junkie repeats over and over, “I love, worship, and adore Princess Britany”. Now it’s time for a new mantra, “Princess Britany is supreme goddess, owner of me”. I think we can call this mantra humiliation because it is especially for slow witted boys who learn through rote memorization. Fucktard is convinced to wear pink sissy panties, suck cock, and forbidden to waste money at strip clubs.


Princess Britany