Beg Me for Cumming in Masturbation May.

You would think Masturbation May would give you marathon stroking and endless orgasms. Not in the Golden Princess camp. It can be depending on how well you beg me for a jerk off phone session that ends happily. Happily is different for every stroker. It will vary from cumming and eating to a sucky ruined orgasm. Jerk off sessions are extremely variable, from the grasp to the blast. I have seen so many penises explode on cam I have lost count. Now jerk off to the picture and don’t cum.

Masturbation May Denial Surprise :Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

This Week is Denial Week.

Don’t cum to any of my pictures today. That is an order. This is denial day, however you may stroke because frustration is the keyword . It’s Golden Princess demand. The peen is responsible for this moniker and it fits. I am from the golden state, with the golden hair, and golden other things! The peen does not get to cum today, he is otherwise known a jackie boy the peen. His little dick causes much small penis humiliation, a useless little dick worthy of contempt!

The Peen Always Takes a Back Seat.

I told peen I would blog over a week ago. Whenever he asks I make sure I take my time so as to frustrate him to the max. When he gets to finally read, his little dick explodes as he goes through all of my pictures. Then we discuss each one because he knows he will never have this face sitting event, ever. Only in dreams if he has a lucky night. Mostly he dreams about being a strap on bitch with an ejaculating dildo. I say “Open your ass and say AHHHHHH”.

Masturbation May Denial Surprise

Orgasm Denial Day Goes as Planned…A Big Fat No.

Denial day is going as planned. With each caller of the morning, I announced it and said I was blogging about it now. Pretty much for the rest of the week will be stroke and deny. I’m thinking the last week of the month may earn you an orgasm but no promises. The Golden Princess rarely promises anything.

Don’t Complain! It Could be Ruined Orgasm Week, Next Week for You.

Social distancing is not so bad with this work, especially during Masturbation May. I miss seeing my friends at clubs, going to have sushi, and having hot sex with Jason, my new big dick. Hiking, horse back riding, and taking calls keeps me occupied. The internet and phone is a saver. Perhaps next week you can look forward to ruined orgasm week? I probably may not. Only a few will call.

The Golden Princess