Mean girl call for Monday Princess style? Oh go ahead, you love being a humiliated sissy. If I can have Foot Fetish Friday, I can have Mean Girl Monday. I may post once in a blue moon FFF, but that’s because I can. A princess can be capricious only because there is a lot going on in herĀ  world. Imagine if my bestie Maya calls out of the blue and lures me into a shopping spree, sure I will go if shoes are involved.

Mean Girl Monday Princess Delight: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

A meanie has definite plans for mall shopping with a sissy in tow, especially if a sissy spa visit is planned. Let’s get you to a spa then, a complete makeover of hair, nails, massage, sugar scrub, and a tanning booth with your bikini on of course. Meanwhile Princess will be picking out a full outfit in every shade of pink to bring back, complete with a Britany wig. Of course we will have you get a makeover after, and an eyebrow waxing will be demanded.

Mean girl Monday is a celebration, and we will stop at a mall sportsĀ  bar for cocktails to loosen sissy up for her final assignment . Going to a sports bar will multiply sissies chances to fulfill the final assignment of the day. Meeting a jock for bathroom duty, which means picking a stall for a massive blow job and cum eating extravaganza. This is what sissy really loves. If I wanted to be really mean, I would deny all of this while I deny orgasm too.

The fact is the panty boi craves attention, and mean girl craves entertainment. What better way to give Princess what she loves by being the real you. A little panty waist who is a sissy fag craving cock and pampered before.


Princess Britany