How Mean Do You Like it


One of my favorite topics, I must say. This never fails to capture sissies and their appetite for humiliation. Crossdressers have the taboo factor due to western values and guilt dealing with all of the no nos while being brought up. Not only are they submissive, but they wear women’s clothes as well. Calls provide a catharsis for the little panty waists, but sometimes no humiliation is involved at all, just the lesbian factor.


Meanie humiliation from a Princess is a young trophy wife with a cuckold husband, a foot fetish boy who loves trampling, coached cum eating, cocksucking in a fag joint (including slow dancing with a sweaty fag, tongue down throat). CFNM, sissy shopping, and my favorite, the sissy dressed up while I file my nails using her as a foot rest.


I had a great objectification call the other day where I did a fantasy with a total submissive who had a need to be a doormat. This is a heavy foot fetish scene including bathmat, fitting a pointed shoe up the boy’s ass while he teased and denied his cock. The boy was only allowed a beverage while drinking it through the foot of my dirty pantyhose.


Speaking of pantyhose, I received and email from panty hose slut efie up and ready for some 2 Mistress action. I hear he will be in a metal German cock cage doing intense humiliation calls, denied orgasm, and not even allowed out of the cage for a tease session because he fucks up and cums. Coming soon this month!


Princess Britany