Meanie CBT And How I Do It

Jackie boy needed some meanie cbt humiliation this week. The pics were for my eyes only and they displayed a teenie little weenie with one small hair tie wrapped around it. Now I was wondering if that little cock was hard or soft. In retrospect, I do believe the cocklette was hard when I ordered the tie on. There is no way jackie boy could endure a CBT parachute harness. I doubt it snaps down small enough. He appears to be not a bright boy either, He sent about ten emails and could not attach the pictures. Finally he found a way. Good boy!

Meanie CBT On A Hair Tie Budget: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Cock Stiffening Face Sitting With Sound Effects

He loves pictures of me like this so he can imagine this fine ass smothering his face. The hard lace is a bit uncomfortable as it moves around and muffles the sound of my bitch goddess voice.He screams for audability until I finally get up and yell, can you hear me now dum dum?? That’s how it would be in the real time scenario. Then he screams “Britany!! Britany!! and then cums hard. I have to laugh. He is just soooooo easy! Jacky boy then tries to get a little toppy from the bottom-y. It rolls over me like water on a slide. He likes a little challenge, but I know his game.

Bottom Feeding Is His Weak Spot

The ass and the feet get him because he is a bottom feeder. Meanie CBT added to everything else has a very powerful effect. The gas cat effect not so much but it does make him “crack” up. Maybe if I get really graphic with my ass firmly planted on his face does he get excited.

Keeping My Bottom Toned And Perfect Is My Seduction

It’s pretty amazing how many ass men come to my line. it goes with the legs of course. Queening is the mainstay of all my calls mostly because my ass is perfection and I keep it in shape with equestrian sports and gym workouts. It is choice for body worship because my skin is as smooth as it comes. You are drooling now. Yes drool so I can humiliate you for being so in the little head.

Humiliation Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975