Dr. Britany’s Medical Fetish Assistant

Medical fetish fantasies enjoy the stage tonight as the tables turn in a kinky unexpected way. Doctor Britany has a new assistant. Nurse zane, except she’s not a real nurse, she is a sissy candy striper. She has duties on the urology floor, collecting specimens of semen from patients on the night shift. A bit far fetched and unrealistic? Yep, but it’s fun in a phone fantasy. He and I thought this up the other night….what if….

Medical Fetish Sissy Nurse: Princess Britany: 1-800-601-6975

Zane The Candy Striper

Of course I jumped at this one, candy striper outfit is perfect for a sissy costume. Dr Britany insists on a realistic presentation using medical fetish toys for sissy boys. Pink speculums, and the candy striper garb in pink stripes of course. This was just practiced on her for fun. The real job will be sucking cock in plain words. It will be a door to door blow job and cum collection down her throat. The specimens can be small so she cannot get greedy.

Meds Time…..

I envision the night shift of course when all of the men are horny and faggy. Instead of bed pans, sissy candy striper zane brings them viagra and pink rubber gloved hands to give them a hot masturbation session before the specimen ends up on her cum eating plate.

Miss Medical Fetish Twinkle Toes Is On Her Knees

She is miss twinkle toes, and as busy as a sissy bee can be. Through the hall Dr Britany hears sissy giggles and bed springs. Dr Britany walks in to see the little candy striper on her knees making the patients feel so much better. Sissy Zane has missed out on doing the job of a real nurse. Her only worth is being the humiliated sissy, a therapy missy.


Princess Britany