Princess Britany 800-601-6975

Princess Britany 800-601-6975

Sperm Donors Apply Here

Dentist? Doctor? Nurse? Therapist? Sperm donor is the latest rage with an old fashioned nurse uniform and rubber gloves. Suddenly the white uniforms disappeared replaced by teddy bear tops and frumpy pj bottoms. Just watch Nurse Jackie and see what Zoe wears. Gone is the sexy nurse all in white, gone is the nurses cap, white support hose, and white shoes. In my medical fantasy calls, a white outfit is essential. It can be rubber, pvc, or classic. Sperm donors deposit their cum in a condom as nurse Britany jerks them off with uniform unzipped to hasten the load. We after all, need a good sample.

Oral Hygiene and Cum Eating

Dental office fantasies. Imagine being restrained in a dentists chair, tray displayed with scary dental tools observed, a dental dam affixed, Britany examining and bending over really close doing her oral exam . The examination becomes a little more comfortable when she gives you an oral hygiene treatment with a big strap- on dildo. Blindfolds, the sounds of drills, and Britany’s added personal touch of choice porn on the overhead t.v. Finally the lecture of proper oral hygiene and the benefits of cum eating. It seems it’s been discovered that cum has all kinds of beneficial enzymes for dental health. The prescription is, on your knees for a masturbation session with a final cum eating session.

Sex Therapy

Everyone needs a therapist now and then to guide you along in your problems with kink taking over your life. Sex therapist Britany takes you by the hand and encourages orgasm control and denial because you have gotten out of hand (so to speak) . Britany’s collection of chastity devices should take care of any problems. She will recommend the length of time to be locked and will strictly enforce it.

I’m looking forward to hearing about new and unusual clinical studies!


Princess Britany