Missile Dick Provides More Fun

Another meme has come your way, compliments of missile dick. Today is meme penis pumping with Britany, the golden princess. The peen has been very quiet. Has he been taken over by another princess or is he too chicken shit to do these penis pumping exercises. I think he blew one too many loads and is spent, poor loser! You will need a car for this meme, so get behind the wheel and get strokin.

Meme Penis Pumping With Britany: The Golden Princess Britany: 1-800-356-6169

If You have a Convertible

Those of you who have no car because you’re not bright enough to drive, just do it at home because stroking is good. It’s good for those who never get enough attention. Give that dick some attention. Permission is granted.

The French Fries Beckon

Are you out and about enjoying the early summer or still stuck at home. Out and about will give you a chance to pump that penis on an open road with the top down. An isolated road would be the ideal, then you can pump that penis in the open breeze. Every now and then take a little look at the meme and make way to your fave In and Out burger. I have always laughed at the name of that chuck and puke. Nonetheless if you are in California you no doubt have eaten there. The fries are the best in the fast food industry.

Meme Penis Pumping With Britany: The Golden Princess Britany: 1-800-356-6169

My Personal Thong

Now imagine this thong which is coming my way. I did see missile dick’s creations, and it truly is a co-op. Just about everyone in this company is in it, dishing out humiliating masturbation to this boy. The CEO is of course Ms Hunter working all the strings. But you already know the story, all you have to do is just follow the orders and send a comment when you finish. Now then let’s continue with meme penis pumping with Britany. Just be patient and all will be well.


Off subject I did a call with a caller who showed me a big black dick on Rent Boys. Of course the model’s last name was Long…Normally wary of visiting these sites, I was just too curious and his dick was humungous, to his knees and bending to the right. I thought there is no way, but this could not be faked.This cock was huge!!

The Princess in a Pink Mask

It was great getting out this week to do some in store shopping, pink mask and all. This Princess wears a mask. I don’t believe the fear driven conspiracy theories. Do not like personally that “Ickie” guy. These theories are all driven by money and who has the highest google rankings. People get crazy behind these fear based non facts. This is just my opinion. Who knows what goes on in the shadows.

The Golden Princess Britany