Welcum Back Missile Dick

Ms Hunter’s bitch, pass the penis missile dick, is being passed along through the whole company of Mistresses. I just got photos of his pathetic skinny little dick encased in new g string panties, one zebra print and one black. His balls are splayed on either side per Ms Hunter’s instruction.


I can’t wait to share these pictures with my girlfriends as I did last time. We imagined a whole CFNM scenario with this g-string dickless wonder. Welllllll…he’s not exactly dickless but it’s so skinny and missile like. I am the Mistress who names him missile dick as I named dick breath jay-me. It’s so much fun being a princess bitch.

G-String Adventures

I wonder what surprises missile dick has in store for us. Perhaps one of his famous driving in his g string adventures? I love having quirky funny boys call for humiliation and cum eating though I must say, I’m not sure if he has eaten his cum for us.

Starting Now Save It Up For NYE

In the middle of this blog post, I took a cum eating call except he is saving the cum in a plastic storage jar placed in the freezer for NYE. so each cal which is 3-6 calls per month, he will ope the plastic container and cum in it. Before this boy was full on orgasm denial and chastity. Now he is a cum fest.

Don’t forget! It is Masturbation May! Get on it.


Princess Britany