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A Guided Masturbation Call With Ms Hunter

It’s been ages since I’ve done a guided masturbation call with Ms Hunter. She has a boy whose quest is to call every Mistress on LDW with Ms Hunter. It was a confessional call, the email was sent. This is what missile dick wrote:

A Very Delightful E-Mail

“I’m very excited to do a two mistress call with you and Ms Hunter this evening.  Ms Hunter requested I send you an email introducing myself as well as include lots of pics for your viewing.  As you can see from my pictures I’m always required to send pics which reveal every detail of my cock and balls as well as my skimpy g-strings!   I’m sure we will cover a lot on the phone tonight but I love edging and being under the  control of Ms. Hunter.  This current program she has kept me edging and is in complete control of when I’m allowed to cum.  I spent a lot of time last weekend getting lapdances and more. “

So over a year ago all of the boy underwear was discarded and replaced with super skimpy g-strings and thongs. Ms Hunter keeps him shaved bald and to add to the humiliation, Ms Hunter has a landing strip and Missile dickie is absolutely forbidden. It is bald, and that’s that!

My Belly Button Piecing

What intrigued missile dickie was my belly button piercing. He imagines a chastity key at the end of it, not that he is into chastity training. Phone sex fantasy only! I thought it a great idea to attach a key to the end of this chain.

Amusing Photos Of A Missile Dick

I viewed the photos of the hard cock, indeed shaped like a missile, and the g-string thong collection. I’m partial to the gold ones, so humiliating.  This boy has so much control over his edging, I was impressed! Ms Hunter is a great trainer, and she granted him a huge blasting orgasm at the end of the call. He got plenty of tease and denial in the beginning, I got plenty of laughs, so happy to end the night with a big smile on my face!


Princess Britany