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Sissy Skype Humiliation

Yesterday I had the awesomest of all sissy humiliation calls on Skype. This slut was ready in his truck, wearing white thong bikini panties under his jeans. When I connected to Skype he was there waiting for his sissy shopping wish to come true. Here we were outside of Target, on Skype and heading in.

Panty Sissy Shopping

I told him to head to the lingerie section for two pairs of panties. Of course one pink thong was selected and a black sheer full cut. Very pretty selections. I told him to get size large because he was in a cock lock and a buttplug. I wanted him to get a dress to try on but he got all chicken there. Eventually he will do it. I will see to it! Time to head to the fitting room, boys of course, because he took in a few pairs of guys pants which he would never try on. I doubt Target would let him in the ladies dressing room.

Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

A Sissy In The Dressing Room

Show time! I kept laughing and dishing out fun humiliation and he politely tried to keep me quiet because there were other ladies in the next room. That didn’t work of course, my excitement and amusement could not be contained. I watched him try on the panties while he fucked himself with the big pink butt plug. His sissy cock was all locked up and needed to deserve the reward of cumming. He was beside himself with humiliation and gleeful excitement. The selections will be bought and paid for.

Sissy Bends Over

Before the purchase, we traveled down the aisles so sissy could bend over to pick something up to show his white thong. A girl in pink passed by, we were not sure she saw. How could she not! Finally up to the checkout….I wonder what the polite clerk thought?

Sissy Reward: Cum Eating

Back in the truck for cocklock removal and reward. This boy should be in film school the way he maneuvered his phone for the best possible view. Guess what is cumming? Guess who is eating his cum. Guess who was happy as a lark. Both of us!!!

Princess Britany