The Dumbest Boy Yet!

Dum Dum Dik Head came into my ownership not long ago, I also call him cumless because I have never allowed an orgasm.  Orgasm denied forever I tell him. dddh is dum dum dum dum, and I mean it. If he is wearing a mask, it’s a damn good one. dddh works very hard cleaning houses to buy Princess shoes by calling her and leaving her “virtual bouquets”. He is so slow, I just make him repeat over and over “I adore, worship, and serve Princess Britany” while I file my nails and humiliate him after he is done (because he usually gets it wrong). He’s not exactly a stutterfuck, just slow. Now he told me his boss bought him a strap on dildo so she could get him used to being a bitch. Shall I believe that? Hmmmmm…..I do believe one thing though, the strip club and lap dance because dddh can’t get pussy any other way, and in this case, it’s the closest he can come to it.

Resubscribe. A Reminder

Did you resubscribe? Do it now if you haven’t already. I demand many followers especially panty waist sissies and losers like dum dum dik head. Rising to the throne isn’t easy you know.


Princess Britany