Shrimpy donated to the Princess fund last week. The loser got a $1,000 work bonus and spent $500 of it on a hooker and didn’t even get to ccccccccum. shrimpy gets nervous with women unless he’s hiding behind the screen with porn and phone sex fantasies, so he couldn’t get a boner. I got the other half of the bonus though. I was sooooooo annoyed that he initially gave me a 250.00 trib. I sent him back to donate the other 250 which was more like it. In this case shrimpy did get some cummies, finally. Now it’s back to the same old living on cat food and cheap liquor. I think I will buy those red leather boots I saw at Aldo shoes. Hmmmm.

Six tease and denial calls with ” baby dik dawn” ended with no relief for the hapless diapered sissy beatch. The response of ” I will leave the decision up to you, Princess” has its consequence. I don’t have a heart of gold and I have no intention of growing one. If you leave it up to me, sissy, ummmm no. I believe sissy sluts cum way too often and need control, LOTS of control. So long story short, she has to do some shopping assignments to be allowed to release with me. One of the assignments is going into VS and asking the sales associate if they can help her find some panties large enough to fit over her diaper. Yes, with me on the phone listening.

Finally my audio program has been sorted out. This is where Jason comes in. He set up my new computer and got the audio program working nicely!


Princess Britany