Like Velvet

Like Velvet

Princess News

Princess moves into her new fabulous two bedroom apartment next month. There is a view of Griffith Park from my big living room window and also a view of the horse stable that is on the property. That’s right. This complex allows horses. This is an equestrian neighborhood, and Princess has a beautiful Arabian mare in mind. Her name is Billie, 9 yrs old, and spunky spirited. Looks like Zane may up his slave duties to stablehand. I will of course have the fun part of feeding, brushing, riding. Zane will have the shoveling, raking, and all of the heavier work. Heaven forbid I should ruin my manicure! If he is a good stable boy, I may take him out of the chastity cage for a day. I may even suspend the orgasm denial for that day too!

Quickie Stroke And Cum Session For J-Boy

So nice to hear from J-boy again today for a quickie stroke and cum session. Oh yes…and…cum eating because Princess insists, no waste. J-boy loves my honesty. A hot girl wants and needs a handsome, tall, and muscular guy with a fat dick and a fat wallet. Zane has a fat wallet but everything else is not sufficient for me. Oh, Devon of the 9″ fat cock? That is over due to Princess boredom. He was not that bright. You say, but you have the sissy boi Zane for intellectual stimulation. True enough but Devon…omg. Could dress him up but…as you know the saying. My friends would roll their eyes and whisper to me….tell him to just shut up and take off his shirt!

Princess Britany