A Sissy Needs Constant Reminders

Stacey gurl has completed all of her assignments to date. The last one in the department store was the final breaking in. That was hard for her, but she did it! Now it’s time for new sissy assignments. Things mentioned on our call last night will come to fruition soon enough because a sissy needs to be constantly reminded that she is a gurl, and a boi.

New Sissy Assignments For Stacey Gurl: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Sissies Love to Look Like Mistress

Bois always want to look like me, so I make them look as girlie as possible. In stacey gurl’s case, she is a brunette. She can look like my friend Maya who is a brunette, I fashion after her. Stacey gurl may not look good in a brunette wig, another consideration. Now wouldn’t that be humiliating a sissy.

New Sissy Assignments

New sissy assignments? The newest is orgasm denial till Wednesday. She is to continue with butt plug training in the process, highly frustrating I’m sure. There will be chastity in a pink cage this year because each and every sissy must experience some form of bondage. Shopping for a dress is mandatory, shopping for several is even better. She is to seek out community entertainment at play clubs where other sissies gather. An most importantly her dildo sucking must improve because she has some cock sucking to do down the road.

Dildo Sucking and Such

Orgasm denial with butt plug, chastity in a pink cage, dress shopping, socializing, dildo sucking preparing for cock sucking are on the menu of things to look forward to. Oh yes, down that road, there will be many more assignments for stacey gurl. Right now start practicing dildo sucking, and I want a report of how you are adept at deep throat. No cumming till Wednesday, and that is an order!

Princess Britany