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In reading my comments I have peter tease toy “squirmified”. now this is pretty new in kink vocabulary and I like it. Cockteasing is my thing, and I’m good at it. I just had a caller from my blog post “A Cuckold’s Just Desserts” just dying to be a cuckold cream pie eater. When I first heard the cream pie phrase, I rolled over laughing. All I could imagine is creamy style oatmeal!


Back to erm squirm worm….I had a visual of old Saturday Night Live skits with “It’s Pat” the androgynous character who no one could figure out if it was a boy or girl? My parents have the DVDs and I saw them last week for the very first time when I was house sitting. She/he had a way of squirming and making this squirmy sound that made my skin crawl. Since I can’t have peter tease toy here, sissy zane is going to be dressed up as “Pat” tonight for a party we are going to. I made him watch some skits, shop at the thrift store, and get items that looks like “Pat”. so….in your estimation, what do you think? was Pat a boy, girl or sissy?

Party Night!

I will be offering phone fantasy calls till about 7pm California time. This will be a late party, stroke of midnight. In the meantime, you will be able to stroke for me tonight while “Pat” gets ready. What will I be tonight? I will be dressed as Miss USA…what else?

Princess Britany