Are you drooling yet???

Are you drooling yet???

J-Boy Voted Best Stroker For Princess

That’s j-boy’s favorite picture, the one he sometimes gets to cum and eat his cum to like he did today and a few days ago. A few days ago he had to end the call quickly as a client was on his way to the office. It takes j-boy three minutes to dress in suit and tie, he is not allowed to call me with clothes on, ever!

A Most Polite Stroker Boy

I was so surprised when the phone rang in five minutes and it was j-boy calling to finish his session. We are now up to 70 pullups, 70 push ups, 70 sit ups, 70 squats, all done after each edge. The call of course ends with a cum eating session and a polite thank you and goodbye. XOX to j-boy!

Bend over and prepare to lick

Bend over and prepare to lick

Panty Hose Fetishists

Panty hose cock stroker calls are high on my list! Hunting for pantyhose in my hamper on his hands and knees, sniffing out the ones worn on a dinner out with a hot boy. Savoring the cum remnants of that hot night out makes a panty hose boy swoon. Wearing them himself and stroking his cock right where my crotch was, gives him an almost there feeling, a place where he will never be.

Pantyhose Versatility

If I am in charge of the viewing, I can use them as a blindfold or a gag. A pair of panty hose can be used for bondage or CBT. Tied to the bedposts with Four pair of panty hose on a helpless boy, and all of the above for a great pantyhose session!


Princess Britany