Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

The Feminizing Clinic

A nurse phone fantasy that I am dying to do is working in a feminizing clinic. None such exists. but imagine the possibilities. A male body, sissy or not, is very different from a female with tits, of course. A sissy yearns to have the curves and valleys that a sexy princess has.

Building Tits

You are on my table for a makeover and first we work on your body, building the tits up with a permanent solution that sets after it is molded like a sculpture. Even the nipples are molded to the form preferred. They feel and look like real breasts, and they can be as big as you like.

Slimming Down That Boyish Waist

That spare tire has to go and the waist needs to be slimmed down, so we syringe out all of that fat and inject it into your sissy butt, along with any thigh fat that does not belong. Gone are the days where ribs were removed. You then stand up and we mold a corset type device to your body providing compression to form the solution added to the extra fat.

The Trimmings

While sissy waits for her new girlie body to manifest, her hair is highlighted and styled, her nails are done, her makeup and lash extensions are put on, her eyebrows are waxed, and several girlie wardrobe items are brought in. She is then dressed after “the mold” sets.

What About That Little Dick

Sissy gurl then gets on a stage for all of the staff to view and scrutinize the work. Of course, it’s always a work in progress like any female, always perfecting, always improving. She comes back frequently because she seeks perfection, and the staff comments: “What will we do with that tiny thing called a penis between her legs?”


Princess Britany