Office sissy has many duties. Sissy emma is a little too ditzie to be an administrative assistant, so she was given the title of office entertainer, coffee maker, and the office slut. It happened one night when an employee ordered a sissy stripper and emma appeared. She put on such a spectacular performance the company hired her for party prep, canape prep, coordination of office events, and the usual bi-cocksucking under the desk for the CEO. “Office Sissy” is on her name tag along with her name “Sissy Emma”. She has it made. She gets vacations, benefits, raises , and tips for all of her hard work.

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Just last night she was asked to stay overtime to “help” the CEO with some things that he promised wouldn’t tax her brain. Emma, of course was very excited to please her boss and wore a very provocative dress and high heels. she wore her best black lingerie to appear semi sophisticated,  which of course did not work. She is a sissy slut and none of that will change. She touched up her makeup and headed into his office with a timid little knock.

The back of the desk had been removed she noticed, and her boss was naked with a raging hard on. On the couch sat the black mail room guy, naked with a 12″ dick. She was informed that it was the mail guy’s birthday and sissy emma’s job today was to be spit roasted.

CEO liked his place behind the desk, sitting tall in his chair with his cock enjoying emma’s sissy bitch mouth. She was used to being in this position, now mail boy coming behind with his cock pointing to her sissy pussy. emma thought what a great day it is, no office lunches to plan, no dishes or coffee to make, just loads of cum to eat, and dicks to enjoy. What a happy office sissy indeed!


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