Jizzhead Guy Comes a Callin’ But Not Cummin’

First things first. guess who called me last week. None other than “jizzheadguy” from EE. He was dying to show me his Queens Keep cock cage on cam. It was soooooooooo small, custom ordered at 1.25″. No, of course I didn’t let him out of it. I didn’t want to see his pathetic little dick, it belongs to his wife after all. I’m sure she is happy keeping him confined to it!

Small Cock #2

That was small cock #1, now for the next little cock on cam. I would never have believed it if I didn’t see it up close. Not even an inch long! Little pee wee could not stroke it so I made him hump a pillow, cum on it, and lap it up like a little dog. Mostly cum eating is discussed in the beginning, but this boy did everything I ordered. The main trigger was his cock was too small to stroke. I made him go into his wife’s vanity table for a pair of tweezers, take a picture of himself doing that to send to me so I could show my girlfriends. They of course wanted to know how the picture was taken, what kind of trick was used. With a hail of laughter they said “Did you put this worthless loser in panties yet or is he a sissy already” . 🙂


Princess Britany