It’s Foot Fetish Friday!

Just Another Sissy Cocksucker

Poor kevin has had to wait sooooooo long to be outed on here. So many sissies and so little time. I tried to give kevin a girlie name but he insists that I use his real name to enhance the humiliation of being a sissy faggot cocksucker in the nasty book store. There has to be more places to out a sissy besides the glory hole and mall. Recently I suggest sitting in a “real man” bar having a swishy girlie drink. Another Mistress here had a boi got to Lowes for tool belt types. The glory hole is tried and true and nothing makes a boi more slutty than eating cum while his little cock is denied orgasm.

Women’s Underwear, Brassieres, and Girdles

I have another sissy boi named traci who sends me a cum eating cuckold script. This boi loves the words women’s underwear, brassier, panty girdle, and girdle. This boi likes to suck a mounted dildo while looking at crops, canes, collar, leash, and big cocks stroking off on live stream. The only thing she says on the call is “yes Mistress, no Mistress”, and ohhhh ohhhhh ohhhhh Im cumming!


Princess Britany