Getting on Your Knees is What You do Best

Why else would you get on your knees except to worship the ass of a Princess. Today’s topic is body worship for the new year. Body worship is a subtle form of hot domination where Princess does very little except play Goddess. With my long legs and you on your knees, I can play Giantess!

On Your Knees For Ass Worship: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

It’s Ass Licking Time

How does the body worship start? In the back, of course. Look at the picture and imagine yourself down there looking up at two ripe melons waiting to be plucked, massaged, kissed, and massaged with lotion. You are not allowed to put your tongue, cock, finger, or anything in that glorious anal gateway. Your tongue will be welcomed eventually. You have to earn it!

Start at the Legs as You Stroke Your Denied Dick

Muffle your nose between those cheeks during a nice sweet tongue leg worship session. Knowing you may have a week long orgasm denial demand, you look forward to the Princess demanding an orgasm to eat at the very end. That makes it all worth while because she will make you do hours of ass worship as you stroke your cock. You may be denied stroking your cock to the very end.

Finally Cum and Eat…If You are Lucky

For a special treat Princess will sit on your face while she reads her latest book. She may sit on your face while she scrolls through her Facebook page. She may find an old copy of Leg Show to drive you ballistic showing you page after page of legs and ass. Finally she tells you if you get to cum and eat or if you stay in orgasm denial. She may even slap a cock cage of you frustrated dick. The whims of a Princess are many!


Princess Britany