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The Athletic Stroker Boy

I’m gleeful to report my workout stroker J-boy had given me pushups, pullups, and jumping jacks to entertain me yesterday. In the end there was no orgasm denial but cum eating on my demand. What I love most about J-boy is how happy he is to please, always pleasant and enthusiastic with a big thank you at the end. No clicks in my ear for this boy with class. A hard on with a smile, edging to my demands. I can’t get enough of this well built and athletic boy who works very hard for his orgasms. Maybe one day he would like to try marathon orgasming for a challenge? I’ll be he can give me more than three.


A certain boy wants to do CFNM on Skype with me walking around in heels. It has to be during a the week during the day when my sister is gone. She and I share the 2 bedroom bungalow and the only tile is in the kitchen and she doesn’t want a klicky clack on the tiles like you do. In fact my sister says “Don’t even ask me to look at a guy jerking off in panties. Sissies are the sickest males on the planet!” That’s my sister’s take on it all. I keep telling her she would have fun telling them that because they love to be humiliated about their crossdressing. She just says “Shut up Britany and just forget about that.” Oh well, not her cup o’ joe.


Princess Britany