Panties and Plugs, Oh My!

What goes in a sissy toolkit besides makeup, wigs, dresses, and paddles? Panties and plugs and it’s an order. Sissy stacey follows directions perfectly. Yesterday she sent links to the sissy lessons I instructed her to find. panties were bought immediately, and plugs were bought yesterday. Now where are the Forever21 items I told you to get gurl. I know you are shy, and I know the trying on in the store completely freaked you out. Get over it and march in there, sissy! Yep I know, scaredy cat. I have to say nice panties though. Good work and good taste.

Panties And Plugs In The Sissy Toolkit: Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Sissy Stephey Spit Roasted and Performing

Yesterday a spectacular cam show by ‘stephey” featuring black fishnet pantyhose, sheer black panties, a hot pink super stuffed bra, a leopard print nightgown and a short pink nighty. She wanted a spit roasted session, so she sucked a big black dildo and took a blue dildo in her pussy hole. The big blue decided to not cooperate and kept falling off the desk. The suction cup did not suck….lol. I then got a dildo on chair and a very passionate cock sucking show. The show was cut short due to a cramp and I was really sad I did not get to see stephey eat her cum. She was just so delicate and fragile, I felt bad for her because she looked like she was going to cry. Poor little sissy!

Panties And Plugs In The Sissy Toolkit: Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

It’s Plug Time

Here we go with panties and plugs. The plugs are the ones I specifically demanded! Sissy stacey got it right and she must begin with the small one, wearing it for a whole week for 8 hrs per day. Then we graduate to the next butt plug and so on. This is only the beginning to a sissy training program. Get your first renegade out and start training, gurl!


Princess Britany