“Loser” finally got his perfect foot encased in pantyhose pic. That’s because he followed through and losered up! There you go, loser. Imagine these awesome feet smothering your face and making you swoon!

Boys love a good questionnaire. Here is one I’m sure you’ll want to dig into: cock control mistress recommendations . have fun.

For some reason my audio program was not recording. It dawned on me to reboot the computer and it worked. I have another request from “loserbribri” for an audio telling boys that they are not real men and the only way I will listen to them is if they talk like a valley girl. Of course I give them practice words to repeat over and over and they are not allowed to call until they are perfect in the best sissy boi faggy voice. OMG…this going to be so much fun!

I’m so busy with homework these days that I can only see Jason once or twice a week. The weather is getting crappy and I sure could use a hot cock pick me up.  I phoned Jason earlier and he’s coming over later for some princess teasing and pleasing. Jason has now become a fan of tease and denial. I make him work for that orgasm after about 10 edges. I never completely deny him, he would never allow that, and personally, I like it when he cums very hard.

I’m taking calls today, so phone your princess for your fantasy of choice. Oh…ummm, no dominating me, ok??

Princess Britany