The Subtle Sheer

The Pantyhose Slut Keeps Sending and I Keep Ripping

Have you ever imagined wearing pantyhose and once a little hole is formed, you just stick your finger in and tear to your heart’s content? I can definitely afford to do that now that fuckie is around doling out pantyhose, stockings, and the recipient of humiliation. That’s not the issue though. The issue is my feet right there and right in front of a boy’s face. My foot fetish boys appreciate that, and I have quite a few perusing the Britany perfect toe club. 

Stutterfuck Likes to Lick and Flick

Speaking of perfect toes, I got stutterfuck to lower his head to my perfect feet the other day enjoying a lick and flick. If I could just get little sissy nikki to do the same thing, but she would rather suck cock at a club as she is sissied up and slutty, just the way she should be.

Would You Love to See Me Blog More?

News is I’m out of school and will be blogging more frequently until my final semester. Then I can move out of my parents house and find some fabulous digs somewhere else. This way I can persue my dominant lifestyle in private without watching the curtains part whenever I have a boy over. 

A Boy Get’s His Cuckolded Desserts

This is for RyRy…did you like that fantasy we did last night ryry? Where you were picked up by the princess because you were cute but small cocked. After that discovery I decided that you were the best sub boy ever and would look good in panties, and humiliated beyond imagination. The point of it all was to make you my cuckold husband cocksucker for the rest of your life. You went to law school to work for my mercenary relatives and then you were trapped in my web. My mom who is a family law specialist drew up a prenuptial that I could cuckold you whenever I found the urge. That fantasy sent you through the roof, right ryry? Heehee 🙂


Princess Britany