Penis Frenzy and Sucking Cock

Penis frenzy is ducking your head into a cock sucking glory hole attempting to evade a hoard of female Christmas shoppers on the last shopping day. You then realize where you wound up but it’s ok because you’re a sissy.

Penis Frenzy: A Glory Hole Drama. Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Free Xmas Minutes

Before you read on, get some free minutes all the way up to Christmas. You don’t deserve it, but here it is anyways. Get the details at the daily cock. Awww…sure you deserve it that is if you happen to duck into that glory hole!

Penis Frenzy: A Glory Hole Drama. Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Thrown into the Lobby with a Flat Tire

Now sissy slut. Isn’t that better to be in the lobby of the glory hole parlor even though your boy shoes have a flat tire from the frenzied females who noticed a sissy is ahead and why not just scare the shit out of her? What gave it away? Must have been the panty lines and the pink hoodie. You may have felt the six foot female give you a friendly shove into the smut house. You caught a glimpse of her through the mirrored lobby and she has a strange resemblance to the Princess on the left except she had expensive clothes on.

Instigated by a Princess

She was actually bait for the blow job takers, and there you were. A worthy lipsticked mouth there for their pleasure. Get to work then. I want videos and shots of your task, and slurping recordings of “ooo ahhhh” porn-y sounds. Make it good, loser. Christmas is no excuse for you to take this important day off. Here starts the penis frenzy. Everyone is stressed out during this season and it’s your jobĀ  to take care of it. On those recordings, I want to see many sissy slut seductions and cum eatings. This is your dinner so get as much as you can, girlie boi! Have fun and be generous!


Princess Britany