Penis Pumping for One and for All

Oh oh oh….missile dick is back and I am co-owner of this slut now. I have files of his g-string photos, Tons of information on him during a call with his CEO Ms Hunter. Soon I will have my own personalized thong and it must include Golden Princess Britany. You have seen this hot piccy before but it has new meaning for penis pumping.

Penis Pumping Follow The Meme, You Too Peen: Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Only the CEO Gives Permission to Cum

The drill is as stated, four hour penis pumping with no cumming at the end because this pic is cock stroking orders and missile dick only gets to cum with Mistress Hunter. If you are pumping it for just me, it’s my discretion. I want a begging pleading comment to have permission to cum for ME, and Goddess help you if it takes days to answer the comment. As for missile dick, he has to ask permission from the CEO, at least in this meme.

Some Have Different Permissions…Lucky You

So now I want all instructions followed perfectly except for one thing. I want this to be done daily for five days. Can you do it? Surely you would love to please the Golden Princess. Missile dick can be challenged if he wants to ask the CEO if he can participate and it will be up to her.

The Peen must be Regulated

Hello peen? Guess what. You do the five day challenge…got it? Then you call me, even if it is for a teeny little 10 min call, just like your thimble cock because you really don’t need a  lot of time to get the little one to blast. Right?

We all see his Cock Dressed in G String Wear

The fun thing about being an owner of missile dick is the two Mistress calls with the other owners. He is owned by quite a few in this company and he calls for penis pumping on days where Ms Hunter feels he needs it. This is the fun part of looking at the photos while he is pumping. A folder on my desktop is mainly used for when my I Mac needs maintenance. My store has a girl geek named Stacy and she knows my profession. If I tell her try not to open the folder on my desktop named gstringpumper, she will. She will see the whole splash.

My Demands in Thong Wear

I want a thong in fuscia with the wording The Golden Princess Britany Missile Dick Co-Op. This is the wording for me. What a grand summer this will be as the missile dick is ordered to do some sunbathing for the purpose of tan lines. He is always happy to oblige in this fashion!

XOX The Golden Princess Britany