Penis Pumps Suck

Penis pumps work temporarily and then fizzle out as in the case of zane the brain. Now why in the world do I care if his cock grows or not. He thinks he will finally have a chance with me. I prefer to humiliate his small sissy cock and keep him where he is. Perfectly submissive. I definitely get it. He wants to change things up because he may be “growing up” and tired of doing the same thing. I certainly don’t want that. I want him as the sissy bitch with a little dick because he is best at his sissy slave role, not a real man. So he comes home with a penis pump to see if it will work wonders. It can harm in the long run. That would be terrible, he would be on his knees stroking his wee wee and it would not work.

Penis Pumps Try Their Best But...Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

The Temporary Chubby

Several of my phone sex callers have reported the disappointments in penis pumps. They pump the cock up nice and plump for an hour or so. They are proud to display their jerk off tool especially on web cam for my approval. Then I tell them to call me back in two hours. When they call back, we go through a whole measurement ordeal. I make them prove it’s worthless and they will never have a cock worth noting. I laugh. It’s just as useless as ever! Don’t bother! Why damage a stupid cock worth stroking and worthy of humiliation? Of course they listen to me.

Face the Facts: You Have a Small Cock

If you insist on having a bigger cock, go with a cock sleeve. It’s a mold that you put your cock in. It certainly will not give you any pleasure, but it will serve as a humiliation tool. Your cock will be strapped in the sleeve. More than likely it will be ignored anyways. Who would want that in their pussy? Certainly not a Mistress!

Princess Britany