Two Sissies on Cam

Phone fantasy surprise! Two sissies on line gleefully talking to me and, of course, being very, very naughty! I insisted on a cam show before the call, and Skype was fired up and ready. A phone was not needed, hearing and seeing them giggle and act like the panty wastes they were was plenty. Then came the sexy part…hahaha. Watching two little dicks was quite hilarious, there was no challenge to either. I told them to get the pink ribbons out, and they did. Before the call, I ordered that an unmade bed would disqualify them. All things in order.

Phone Fantasy Session With Two Sissies: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Dressed to the Nines

Here I see in front of me on cam, two thirty something sissies dressed very differently. One had a schoolgirl outfit with a blue plaid jumper and a black shoulder length wig. Red lipstick and full makeup. Cable knit knee socks and blue patent leather Mary Jane shoes. French manicured, both with fakers. Both wore black panties and bras. Sissy number two had a really nice blue velvet dress with a string of pearls, black opaque stockings and black suede pumps. Blond bob wig with deep burgundy lippy. Super sexy and ready to give me a bi cock sucking show. You can bet they did! Then the toys came out.

Sissy Sex

Here is where fantasy became reality. Pink matching butt plugs, black dildos of various sizes, and vibrating toys of the insertable kind. Sissy number one’s name was Brenda, sissy number two was Gloria. I then demanded a performance. Shy at first, they offered a mutual cum eating session, and I gave them my o.k. Amazingly the two gurls came together, and on demand in the 69 position of course. Good timing and good work, sissies. If you are reading and can comment, do so, so all can admire!


Princess Britany