Pinch The Peepee Is The Best I Can Do For A Small Cock

I have been in the mood to write one of my bitch posts and here it is. It seems that I have lost much of  my sense of humor the past few posts because I had to focus on finishing school. Time went by in humiliating my boy zane and he has been feeling completely bored without my mean girl demeanor occupying space. I decided to play pinch the peepee with his little dick to show him some loving sissy humiliation.

Pinch The PeePee With Princess Britany

Pinch The PeePee With Princess Britany

Penis Punishment

What is pinch the peepee you ask? Just what it says: your little dick needs punishment because it is useless and small. This is a post about small penis humiliation and serial commenters. The serial commenter has a little dick obviously and the comments have no particular meaning. They are just there for attention, so if you want attention, at least post an intelligent comment. The Princess gets worn down with nonsense and will not comment back. Oh yawn!

The Mall Days

Since I feel like being a bitch today, why not go all the way back to those good old click my heels on the mall aisle days. Short swaying skirts of pink and white with sexy semi thong bikini panties which say: you don’t deserve me loser! Show me your dick! There it is! Under the microscope, and now I pinch it hard with my french manicure laughing as I do!!!!

The Mani Is More Important Ya Know

I remember those days well as my long silky ponytail tickled my bare tanned back and I yell to zane, get over here and carry my bags! It’s pinch the peepee time! It has been at least ten minutes. In the practice of pinching the peepee one must remember that the pads of the fingers are used, not the nails ever. This would destroy a perfect manicure on an imperfect dick.

Pinch The PeePee With Princess Britany

The Golden Princess Pontificates

We have it straight now. I am The Golden Princess. You are the pea soup dickless wonder, and I always walk ahead. You are shorter and lesser than I. This is why you are my slave. You decided to boldly walk into my world at that kinky party that you said you would never attend. Here you are! That really was a fun party when you dropped your panties and everyone laughed. I announced “here is my sissy slave who is cute and small penised, I am the Golden Princess and will always be”!

The Old Days Of Electro

The glorious time we got into electro play was quite a memory. I had this big clunky electro box called the EROS Tec. with pads that I loved because they were so brutal and mean! I would put them on zane’s balls and zap away. That is when pinch the peepee came into existence. Electro was all the rage then. Now there is the Lovense which is so weak in comparison. I cannot stand this platform so don’t even ask. Gone are the days of the premiere electro fun.

Necessity is….

I lament such days have come and passed due to the Covid surprise. The parties closed down. These were the boring play days and the shelter in place , play at home without the glitter of all of yesterday’s parties. This was birth of the pinch the peepee rite. It turned out to be fun though. as long as small penis humiliation prevailed and it always will. The incredible shrinking penis came into being. With this new movement, the cages go smaller and smaller and the dicks used to humiliate the dickless ones got bigger and bigger. As we say, those were the days featuring the smallest dick contest, and zane was always the winner!.


The Golden Princess Britany

Pinch The PeePee With Princess Britany