My demands of the day. I heard a rumor that some little sissy wants to wear pink fishnet pantyhose that scream sissy. Personally I think the pantyhose would look great with a pink tutu and a leotard but a very short spandex pink mini would work. The shoes would be a bubble gum pink pump with pointed toes and a stiletto heel high enough to cause the sissy a challenge during walking. Now gurls, what type of bra and panties would sissy wear. What type of shirt would go over, and makeup or not, wig or not. Opinions please?


But…….I then decide these fishnets should have panty hose beneath to make them pinker and some cut off shorts with pink ballet flats on her feet. A pink sports bra with a tight little white shirt over. Here is the real clincher: a pink bondage belt with the sissies wrists cuffed to it, sent to a lingerie store to buy pantyhose for Princess and to replace hers because she has a run in it…awwwww. Princess is at the counter tapping her shoe impatiently. Sissy bitch has to ask for help getting her new stockings on because she is cuffed up…oh dear. The dressing room door is open for the whole world to see. What is this? A steel cocklock?! Of course it is. She then says “I am a cocksucker for dominant young girls!” Of course you are.  And I remind this fag to tell these ladies that there is a vibrating butt plug in her sissy pussy, and that she is a cleanup fluffer for Princesses big dicked boyfriends. A perpetual cuckold, branded in the tram stamp section. Property of Princess Britany with a pink cupid and bow..sweet!


Princess Britany