Locked For Me?

Locked For Me?

Locking A Geek

A few of my friends know what I do for money and fun at LDW. One girlfriend suggested I get to know Zane, a friend of hers who is a geek. She said he would be of great benefit for me, to take care of computer things and to carry my packages while I shop. He is shy and submissive so says Maya. I thought it may be worth a try, and she is setting it up for next week for me to meet him and check him out.

The Geek Is Kinky

Maya told me that he is possibly a sissy. She snuck into his room to snoop for incriminating submissive toys yesterday and found three pairs of panties, 2 dildos, and ((GASP))… a cb6000 chastity device!!! Now why would he have one of these unless had served a chastity mistress. Real time chastity training appeals to me very much, so I am looking forward to meeting this boy.


Maya reported back a moment ago and outed the little kinkmeister, calling him and telling him what she found. Supposedly he stammered and stuttered but finally admitted that he was a submissive who did online chastity training with a mistress on a phone service. He said he couldn’t continue because she dismissed him for being flakey. Maya asked him if he would do it real time with a dominant mistress. He said yes.

Soon To Meet, Soon To Lock

I am to meet Zane who is more than interested in my training this coming week. Maya told me he is very generous with money. He works as a high level programmer and is not involved…well, of course he isn’t. Can’t wait to report what happens next week!