Prim Proper Sissies and Cock Sucking Missies

Prim proper sissies make me wary. Are you sure you’re not even a smidgen slutty? Slutty missies have no problems admitting it. It’s like a badge, and announcement: Hey I suck cock! I asked several prims how long they have been girlie, and most have been prim forever. Slutty missies tend to be younger and not at it as long.

Prim Proper Sissies And Slutty Missies: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

The Lesbian Sissy

The prims report they are lesbian sissies. They would never think of sucking cock. They love their vaginas pumped with a big strap on, mostly flesh toned. Mistress ties them to the bed and pumps that pussy in every position depending on the bondage method. No men ever and that’s ok. It’s just who they are. They do love the secretary look and wear their glasses and high button blouses. They exude class and proper manners, never crass and vulgar. Prim proper sissies rarely use profanity because they are ladies until the second martini.

The Slutty Gurl

Slutty missies are normally younger with sissy slut experience. Voracious cocksuckers, they love to advertise it whenever they have a chance. They enjoy the strap on anal sex but much prefer humiliation with a real man. Ass up on the floor and fucked to a pulp. They prefer spit roasting because they are always hungry for cock and they look like a raccoon eyed stripper at the end of the night after an NFL party. A little rough around the edges but they look awesome when they first dress for the evening. They love bukkake in this scenario. She probably has a small penis and is proud of it because small cock humiliation makes her feel more like a girl.

This is my analysis of prim proper sissies and slutty missies. A little stereotypical so don’t take it to heart. If the high heel fits, wear it!

Princess Britany