How to Princess Body Worship

Princess body worship is a no brainer. Put two and two together and understand that a Princess demands tons of attention and adoration. You start at the very bottom with sexy princess feet. I recommend a luxurious foot bath in fragrant salts and a scrub. Unless you are an expert at pedicures, I leave it to the professionals. If you become an approved princess body worship slave, then you have the honor of pedicure slavery. Scrub, massage, and pamper with fragrant organic products, and finish with a clean warm towel.

Princess Body Worship Basics: Britany 1-800-356-6169

Massage Me Please…Do it Right!

You must be a masseur slave to carry on with long princess legs. You must know muscle anatomy to knead and relax the legs of a Femdom Princess. You will use the same fragrant organic massage cream as used on the feet. You will include the beautifully muscular ass, avoiding the precious pussy attached unless given permission to do so. To be an expert at princess body worship, you continue up the body and focus especially on the back and shoulder area. The breasts are done lightly of course.
Princess Body Worship Basics: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Pamper Your Femdom Princess

You have now finished the massage required and it is time to serve the caviar and champagne. It is time to drape the Princess in a pink silk robe, brush her hair, anoint her neck with pure essential oil, get on your knees and worship, and accept any kind of domination she wishes to practice. She may decide to simply put you in bondage and ignore you. Goddess may decide a rigorous cross-dressing session with lots of sissy humiliation. Whatever Princess decides will be pleasurable because you received the high honor of serving her. This is what body worship is about. Now perfect that skill and reap the rewards.


Princess Britany