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I’ll bet you are wondering if I am wearing panties in this photo. Wouldn’t you like to know. I guess you should get your hand off the little head and think about it, or do you not have a thinking cap?

It’s called technical problems week. I had to get a new computer, and still busy setting it up. I decided on an Apple. I’m just sooooooo tired of the PC problems. Now I have to figure out how to set up Garage Band for recording. Help from all geeks is appreciated. This way you get points in the Princess Britany fan club and you get your audio requests up sooner rather than later. Oh, I have a few sissy geeks that would be happy to come over and help me but I don’t want to deal with their “I adore you, Princess” whining and groveling.


I had a very fun cockstroker denied cumming boy the other night who wants to listen to me fuck a bull dick. Too bad Jason has been through it with a very lucky caller. Jason won’t do it again I’m afraid, even though the guy offered tons of tribute. The guy told me that I should get rid of Jason and get a bigger dick. I concur! A bigger dick is a better dick.


I missed a would be fun call last night with a boy who went out to buy toys. A call went way over into hours and this boy was fucked off. This is why appointments do not work so well. I do make appointments with boys that I know and have done calls with, ones that are reliable. If you have not called before, you are trumped by the boy on phone. I will never call an end to a customer’s fantasy phone call. Certainly it wouldn’t be a good time for a boy in need of cuckolding, humiliation, and all kinky fantasies in between.